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At Mancala Networks, we are committed to offering cutting-edge network control, management and security solutions. Because of our rapid growth, we are always looking for top talent to join our existing team.

Mancala Networks is a fast-paced, success-oriented environment driven by the talent, skills, expertise, and enthusiasm of our employees. We have adopted a philosophy that promotes embracing change, new technologies, new approaches to problem solving, teamwork, and partnerships – both internal and external.

We set expectations and exceed them, no excuses. If we can't, we acknowledge it, learn why and take action to ensure we are in a position to exceed expectations the next time.

If you're someone who thrives in this type of environment, we'd like to hear from you. Our future success depends on bringing together bright, energetic, talented people who share a passion for building the next generation of configurable secure network services appliances and technologies.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits package.

Available positions

Please note: we do not accept unsolicited CVs/resumes from outside agencies or recruiters unless specifically requested by a representative from Mancala Networks, SAS. Any such CVs/resumes submitted will not be eligible for referral fees and will be considered candidates that Mancala Networks may contact directly for employment. We appreciate your cooperation and interest in Mancala Networks' success.

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