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Mancala Networks works in close collaboration with industrial associations:

ClusterEdit ClusterEdit – Software in Rhône-Alpes
ClusterEdit mission is to provide leverage and resources from the public and private sectors in order to best accompany the development and growth of SMEs and start-ups in software publishing. ClusterEdit aims to facilitate their access to research, to the market, to human capital and expertise, and to worldwide expansion. ClusterEdit equally hopes to reinforce the Rhône-Alpes region's attractiveness by offering a broad and complete range of software solutions, which represents a major productivity factor for all of the industries located in this dynamic region. www.cluster-edit.org

GRILOG GRILOG – Grenoble Isère Logiciel
GRILOG is an association of software professionals (ISVs, service and engineering houses, R&D labs, universities) based in Grenoble. GRILOG aims to develop the visibility of the software industry in the Grenoble area and to facilitate technological and commercial partnerships between all actors. www.grilog.fr

ADIRA ADIRA – Association pour le Développement de l'Informatique en Rhône-Alpes
The ADIRA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1969 by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the MEDEF Rhone-Alpes. Its aim is to develop the visibility of technological expertise through the publication of studies and the organization of thematic events. www.adira.org

CLUSIF CLUSIF – Club de la Sécurité de l'Information Français
CLUSIF is a professional club organized as an independent association which is open to all enterprises and public institutions. It welcomes users and solution providers from all economic areas. The mission of CLUSIF is to work to promote information security, a strategic imperative for enterprise and public institutions. All workgroups include a cross-functional input in order to spread awareness among all stakeholders: risk management, legal, economic intelligence,... The workgroups focus on themes that are of current interest to the market and individual members. www.clusif.asso.fr

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