December 2010 - Mancala Networks joins the PETALE program
Mancala Networks joins PETALE, a specific program designed to accelerate the successful development of high tech companies.

November 2010 - Rhône-Alpes IT Days
Mancala Networks presents at the Rhône-Alpes IT Days on Nov. 23rd.

November 2010 - ENSIMAG 50th anniversary
Marc Rozier, Mancala Networks' CEO participates in the ENSIMAG 50th anniversary panel discussion, on November 6th.

May 2010 - Forum 4i
Mancala Networks presents at the Forum 4i technology showcase on May 27th.

November 2009 - Mancala Networks is incubated by GRAIN
Mancala Networks is the 100th company incubated by GRAIN (Grenoble Alpes Incubation).


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