April 2011

Mancala Network Controller – general availability & unveiling of version 1.3 at Infosecurity Europe, April 19th - 21st in London, UK

Network Controller 1.3
Grenoble, France, 12th of April 2011 – The privately held network technology company, Mancala Networks, specialized in the development of innovative IP network control and management products, today announced general availability of the version 1.3 of its award winning Network Controller product.

Version 1.3 builds on the success of previous versions to enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as well as mid to large sized IT organizations to more easily control, manage and secure their customer's networks.

Functionality available in version 1.3

  • Network discovery & real-time inventory
  • Automated device profiling
  • Anomalous event detection & notification
  • Inside threat protection
  • Fixed and customizable policies
  • Centralized remote device management
  • Standards based network access control
  • Post access monitoring and control
  • Event log generation & collection
  • Comprehensive DNS, DHCP and IP address management
  • Automated VoIP device configuration
  • RADIUS server & RADIUS proxy
  • HTTP proxy

Our Network Controller serves as a relay and management platform for core services like DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, SIP, etc. at the edge of the enterprise network. This enables MSPs and enterprises to easily deliver centrally managed network control, management and security service offerings over 10s, 100s or even 1000s of sites.

The Network Controller dynamically builds a network state that provides not only real-time visibility of devices as they connect and disconnect, but also combines this network context with a powerful policy engine in order to enable real-time policy enforcement and remediation capabilities. This unification of automatic network discovery and real-time policy enforcement enables us to shift the network's security posture in response to emerging threats and policy violations.

“Version 1.3 brings new security and control capabilities and most importantly exposes the policy rule engine in a manner that enables enterprises, MSPs and VARs to adapt and extend the built-in correlation and remediation rules to the customer's unique environment including cloud based networks”, said Marc Rozier, CEO - Mancala Networks.

The new release of the Mancala Network Controller will be unveiled and showcased at Infosecurity Europe in London, UK on April 19th - 21st. This 3 day international event brings together security professionals from around the globe to address the challenges of today whilst preparing for those of tomorrow at the No 1 industry event in Europe.

About Mancala Networks

Mancala Networks markets an easy to integrate, real-time network control and management solution.

Our solution, the Network Controller is designed to facilitate the adaptation of network infrastructure to the explosive growth in both the number and types of connected devices.

Installed as a complement to existing solutions, the Network Controller interacts with the control flows in order to secure your network from internal threats. It automatically detects every device and user connection, analyses their behavior and acts in real-time in order to automate your management tasks and maintain an optimal security posture.

Our solution is unique on the market. By unifying visibility, control and management, it ensures not only the integrity of your network, but also facilitates its evolution toward emerging cloud and hybrid architectures.


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