Network Controller

Real-time network control and management solution

Built from a patented and award winning technology, the Network Controller’s innovation lies in its capability to not only monitor network control flows, but to also leverage that information to increase network security and management flexibility.

The Network Controller is installed in the local network as a natural complement to routers, switches and firewalls already in place. It interfaces with the network control services: DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, SIP. Easily integrated into existing network infrastructure and solutions, it detects connected devices and users in real-time, analyses their behavior and acts automatically to optimize network security. It brings an unequaled combination of visibility and control to enterprise network environments.

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Select the edition that is right for you

The Network Controller is available in a range of software editions adapted to the specific needs of each vertical market: Enterprises, Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers, and Hosting Providers. Optionally, the software solution may be preloaded onto a range of physical appliances.

Entry Edition

Ideal for any size of enterprise looking to take a first step toward securing their network by obtaining an extensible real-time audit tool.

& MSP Edition

The full power of the Network Controller in order to provide optimum security. This edition includes all audit, reporting, control and automation functionality.

Visibility Entry
Real-time network discovery & inventory yes yes
Automatic device profiling yes yes
Standard reporting yes yes
Interface to external reporting systems (ODBC) yes yes
Interface to external systems (Syslog) yes yes

Control Entry
Network event & device behavior monitoring yes
Inside threat detection yes
Standard alerts yes

Automation Entry
Port Control (802.1X deployment) yes
Guest access yes
Customizable policies yes
Context-aware network access control yes
Networked device behavior enforcement yes

Others Entry
Delegated administration yes yes
Remote administration yes yes
SDK / REST API yes yes
Interoperability with Active Directory / LDAP / SQL yes yes
Hardened OS yes yes
High Availability yes
Hardware appliance Option Option
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