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FreeRADIUS consulting

Accelerate the development of your FreeRADIUS solution

FreeRADIUS Consulting

The FreeRADIUS consulting services offering was designed to accelerate the development of your FreeRADIUS solution.

Throughout the engagement, you'll work with a remote or on-site consultant who will build the solution you need and guide you through every step of the installation process—equipping you with the operational knowledge needed to maintain the solution long term.

Why go anywhere else when you can get assistance from the people who built FreeRADIUS?

Consulting & development services

We offer a wide range of consulting services around FreeRADIUS installations. We can help with system design, system installation, monitoring, scripts, maintenance, SQL schema design, database optimizations, high availability or custom features. You name it and we’ve done it.

Custom features can easily be added to our product. These features help to tailor the solution to your specific deployment environment and business requirements. Or, they can extend the existing functionality of the product to better meet your needs. Features that we have added in the past include:

  • New EAP methods
  • WiMAX support (NGW 1.2)
  • Change of Authorization (RFC 5176)
  • Integration with additional databases
  • New plug-in modules
  • Ports to new Operating Systems
  • New fail-over and load-balancing policies
  • New accounting methods

FreeRADIUS is designed to be modular, extendable, and feature-rich. New features can often be added for less than the cost of a competing closed source solution.

Building a FreeRADIUS system

Creating a RADIUS server involves more than just installing a few software packages. The defaults in most products are intended to be the basis for a customized local configuration.

We can design a customized FreeRADIUS solution for your specific needs. We understand that everyones business rules and environment are just a bit different. This customization involves designing the network architecture to optimize the number of RADIUS and database (e.g. SQL) servers for your needs. We install the RADIUS server, database, and create the necessary tables, schemas, queries, replication, etc.

We can configure 802.1X, PEAP, EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, or authentication against Active Directory. We can help configure MAC authentication, or MAC auth bypass (MAB). All of these can be configured on the same system, at the same time.

The final result is a system that is robust, high performance, and easy to maintain.

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