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FreeRADIUS training

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FreeRADIUS Training

Our training services empower your staff with the necessary knowledge to keep pace with the design, deployment and administration of your FreeRADIUS solution.

Our experts design distinct learning paths to address the needs of your IT organization. The on-site instructor-led training offerings equip your staff with the skills needed to maintain and optimize your FreeRADIUS solution in order to realize its full potential and value.

Our training services are open to groups of 5 participants (minimum).

FreeRADIUS 101 — Introduction to RADIUS

  • This course is for all administrators who are unfamiliar with RADIUS. It introduces basic RADIUS concepts that are key to understanding RADIUS based systems.
  • Keywords: RADIUS, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, proxying, dictionaries, basic policies, 802.1X, EAP, basic RADIUS configuration, debugging methods, interaction with databases.
  • Time: 2 days.

FreeRADIUS 201 — Advanced RADIUS

  • This course is for senior administrators who already familiar with RADIUS. It introduces advanced RADIUS concepts that enable the design, deployment, maintenance, and debugging of complex systems.
  • Keywords: fail-over, load balancing, high availability, remote administration, advanced policies, revision control, testing, policy validation, performance, optimization, radrelay, databases.
  • Time: 3 days.

FreeRADIUS 301 — Programming with RADIUS

  • This course is for developers who wish to create customized solutions.
  • Keywords: server design, modules, configuration, threads, packet processing, internal fail-over and load balancing, EAP methods, client programming, performance.
  • Time: 5 days.
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