Network visibility, control and security

Today, enterprises have invested substantial resources in tools to manage and secure their networks. The bulk of their security investment has been directed toward protecting themselves from external threats by deploying firewalls, UTMs, anti-virus, SIEM & CMDB systems, etc. However, they are still all too often unable to answer simple questions about their network:

  • Where is this rogue server?
  • Who is trying to access my network?
  • Who owns the iPhone that just tried to connect to my production servers 10 minutes ago?
  • How can I provide simple, secure, and traceable temporary network access to external contractors and visitors without IT intervention?
  • Am I sure that the configuration of my routers and switches is correct right now, at this moment?
  • Am I sure that the persons and machines accessing my network respect my security and usage policies?

Even if enterprises may be able to find a response to a certain number of these questions, the infrastructure doesn't exist for them to take action and remediate issues in a rapid, automated and cost effective manner.

This inability to identify “who is doing what, where, how and with what device” and to act on that information leaves them exposed to internal threats and poorly equipped to counter emerging threats that take root within the network (botnets, viruses, etc.).

Our solution, the Network Controller, unifies visibility, control and traceability in a single, easy to use software suite. It identifies each device connect and disconnect, automatically generates profiles, detects anomalies and enforces real-time policies by intervening in the control flows.


Enterprises are in a perpetual search to optimize productivity and increase profitability. The alignment of their information systems with their business drivers is the keystone in their strategy to ensure profitability.

Among these business drivers is a need to quickly adapt to a changing technical and operational environment brought about by the “consumerization” of mobile devices, the rapid growth in the number and types of network connected devices, the evolution of the trust model due to increased outsourcing of core business functions and the growing adoption of cloud based services. As a result, the network and the enterprise’s capacity to open its network in a secure and managed manner is on the critical path in its strategic plan.

IT systems are generally well protected against external threats, but remain extremely vulnerable to internal attacks. Studies have shown that 80% of the attacks linked to a financial loss originate within the network and are perpetrated by trusted individuals.

Our solution helps enterprises protect their profitability by securing their network against internal and emerging threats while helping to increase their productivity.
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Managed Service Providers

As enterprises have moved from a CAPEX to an increasingly more OPEX centered model, they've outsourced IT services to Managed Service Providers (MSP) using competition to reduce overall IT management costs.

The result for MSPs is a low margin, resource intensive, low-reuse model that limits the market to large enterprises.

Deployed in the end user infrastructure next to their routers, switches and firewalls, the Network Controller enables MSPs to simplify and automate their network management processes and to position themselves to deliver new, higher value-added services.
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Hosting providers

With the rapid adoption of both public and private Cloud based solutions as well as the market trend toward increased outsourcing, external hosting is becoming increasingly strategic for enterprises.

This presents both an enormous opportunity as well as a big challenge for hosting providers. How do they ensure the required visibility and control over their own infrastructure so as to both instill confidence in their ability to secure customer data and systems and ensure their customer’s compliance with regulatory obligations including Sarbanes-Oxley, Hadopi, Patriot Act, Anti Terrorism Laws, HIPPA, Basel II, among others.

In order to address these customer needs of guaranteed security and quality of service, a growing number of hosting providers are moving to obtain security certifications such as ISO 2700X. The Network Controller helps them make rapid progress toward compliance by providing them with a simple solution that brings them visibility, traceability and real-time control in an integrated suite.
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